The research group works on Artificial Neural Network Modelling, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Chemical Informatics and related areas

Areas of research include:

Gravitational Waves


Galaxy Morphology

Compact Binaries

Variable Universe

Stellar Astronomy

Research is mostly related to computational biology.

CASSPER : is a tool for AI based automated protein particle picking from CryoEM images. This has made it possible to reduce the particle picking time from days to milliseconds. The paper was published in Nature Communications Biology.

Human Gut Microbes appears to contribute to a great extent to the wellness of theĀ  immune system. airis4D researchers are exploring the identification of their diversity among the population and its influence on an individual.

Being in the tropical region, airis4D is surrounded by rich biodiversity. Unfortunately, the growing industrialisation and mono-crop agricultural practices has brought in noticeable damages to several regions over a very short span of time. Researchers at airis4D educate the community and ensure the biodiversity through various outreach activities mainly in Fish Science and Odonatology.

Research at airis4D focus on:

Algae Studies,

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Agricultural and poultry farm practices,

Identification and quantification of natural Bio-indicators,


Parasite control.

Until 1980s, state of Kerala and most part of Indian peninsula had a steady monsoon related rainfall pattern. However this has completely changed and now the state experience heavy rainfall, flooding and landslides throughout the year. Researchers at airis4D are trying to understand the changing Kerala Rainfall Pattern Trends and their relations to Global Trends in climate change.

Researchers at airis4D develop reliable and accurate deep learning tools to analyse satellite images and draw information on land usage, rock mining and forest encroachments.

Research in this area is mostly tied-up with industrial partners and their requirements. airis4D develop servo motor control systems, embedded systems and IoT.

The economics of biology – an emerging new area of research conceived by Fr. Abraham and promoted by airis4D.

The research is mostly carried out in collaboration with health science departments and medical colleges. Products include, Transformer – human mobility System and ViDiA – Visual Disaster Alert for the deaf

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