Joint Endure for the Development of Innovative Ideas (JEDII)

The Joint Endure for the Development of Innovative Ideas (JEDII) is an intensive training program to learn a topic in a short time, like 3 or 4 days. Usually, the participants stay in a hotel and have a marathon training sequence from 6 am to past midnight, breaking only for food. In 2017, the JEDII program covered python programming from basic to scientific computing using matplotlib and SciPy. The motivation is that once the initial hurdles are cleared, the participants can continue learning the remaining topics themselves.

Training Programs

airis4D offers free registration to graduate and postgraduate students who wish to code their ideas for anything that matters – from academic, commercial, social, and environmental enrichment. Anyone can register for free and can take up projects of their choice or may have suggestions from experts at airis4D on various aspects of coding. It will also allow them to learn the state-of-the-art Python language and Machine Learning. A selected few from these hacker club toppers will be given a Free Pass to come and work/learn at airis4D for one year. Those interested may apply to with a summary of their ideas.

airis4D – Power Kids Program

The growth in technology and the knowledge economy has been so rapid that the existing educational system struggle to cope with the developments. The school children find it highly challenging to be a topper in the field of their interest due to various reasons. At airis4D, we are keen to fill this gap with young, talented tutors to share knowledge and experience. We are committed to bringing cost-effective solutions with experiential and theoretical backing. Some of our classes are in regional languages to emphasise clarity and proper understanding of the concepts.

Fee structure

The training programs will be scaled from one-to-one tutorials to one to many to make it suitable for the learner to decide the options based on their need and the money they can afford to spend on the courses.


Interested people may write to the respective directors in the area of their choice.

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