Joint Endure for the Development of Innovative Ideas (JEDII)

The February 2017 JEDII program was held in the last three days of the first week of February 2017 for a group of 7 participants. All of them where new to Python programming, a very powerful computing language used worldwide. The three day program was scheduled to start at 6 am and continued past midnight. Starting from basics, the 3 day JEDII covered Scientific Python, numerical python and several advanced modules in full. Python notebooks were also shared and used in the program. All the 7 participants are now using Python support for their PhD program in different universities in the country.

Astronomy Research

Astronomy is the oldest of all sciences and is still the most fascinating branch of science. We are mostly focusing on the applications of Machine Learning (Deep and Shallow Networks) for addressing the Big Data challenges in observational astronomy.

Biodiversity Research

We believe that biodiversity is THE most significant factor that makes life on this planet sustainable. We are not merely concerned in the conservation of endangered species. We believe that much of the secret in sustainability is hidden in the conservation of the habitats and our research is mostly focused in these lines. We promote environment loving tourism, hygienic food habits and sustainable natural resource utilisation.

Climate Studies

It is now understood that the climate is changing. An earlier study conducted in the Indian peninsular region had indicated this drastic changes since 1970s. Much is yet to be understood and we are also in the attempt to understand it better. 

Environmental studies

We are closely involved in the development of technology to systematically evaluate the effect of the Kerala flood on the biodiversity of the state. Our preliminary studies confirmed the escape of several invasive alien farm fishes into the rivers and wetlands of Kerala where they are becoming a threat to the aquatic biodiversity. Very recently we were told by fishermen that they could find eggs in some of the alien fish they caught. This is alarming and we are seriously working on developing tools to follow it up for systematically observing the development and suggesting remedies to minimise the damages.

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