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About airis4D

Artificial Intelligence Research and Intelligent Systems (airis4D) is an AI and Bio-sciences Research Centre. The Centre aims to create new knowledge in the field of Space Science, Astronomy, Robotics, Agri Science, Industry, and Biodiversity to bring  Progress and Plenitude to the People and the Planet,


Humanity is in the 4th Industrial Revolution era, which operates on a cyber-physical production system. Cutting-edge research and development in science and technology to create new knowledge and skills become the key to the new world economy. Most of the resources for this goal can be harnessed by integrating biological systems with intelligent computing systems offered by AI. The future survival of humans, animals, and the ecosystem depends on how efficiently the realities and resources are responsibly used for abundance and wellness. Artificial intelligence Research and Intelligent Systems pursue this vision and look for the best actions that ensure an abundant environment and ecosystem for the planet and the people

Mission Statement


The 4D in airis4D represents the mission to Dream, Design, Develop, and Deploy Knowledge with the fire of commitment and dedication towards humanity and the ecosystem.



To promote the unlimited human potential to dream the impossible.



To nurture the human capacity to articulate a dream and logically realise it.



To assist the talents to materialise a design into a product, a service, a knowledge that benefits the community and the planet.



To realise and educate humanity that a knowledge that is not deployed makes no difference by its absence.


Situated in a lush green village campus in Thelliyoor, Kerala, India, airis4D was established under the auspicious of SEED Foundation (Susthiratha, Environment, Education Development Foundation) a not-for-profit company for promoting Education, Research. Engineering, Biology, Development, etc.

The whole campus is powered by Solar power and has a rain harvesting facility to provide sufficient water supply for up to three months of drought. The computing facility in the campus is accessible from anywhere through a dedicated optical fibre internet connectivity 24×7.

There is a freshwater stream that originates from the nearby hills and flows through the middle of the campus. The campus is a noted habitat for the biodiversity of tropical Fauna and Flora. airis4D carry out periodic and systematic water quality and species diversity surveys in the region to ensure its richness. It is our pride that the site has consistently been environment-friendly and rich in biodiversity. airis4D is also growing fruit plants that can feed birds and provide water bodies to survive the drought.

Focus on Networking Biological Systems and Artificial Intelligence

Human existence is based on how well humans can maintain harmony with the ecosystem. airis4D focuses on the essentially of the biological and cosmic systems. Science and Technology are fundamental, besides, artificial intelligence can implement it efficiently for creating abundance, plenitude, wellness and profit in the society.

In addition to that, Artificial Intelligence Research sheds insight to the unknown domains of the animal brain and the biological signaling networks that help us to be intelligent and be conscious about being intelligent.

Sustainability through Networking

The banyan tree usually represents sustainable development. Banyan trees can live for centuries because they have multiple connections to the ground where they grow. When the master tap roots get old and die out, new roots are grown to support the branches and help the ecosystem sustain itself by overcoming the odds. This is a great message for every institution to realize. They should build young, strong roots to sustain it as the leaders fade off. The airis4D today is looking forward to the young minds that grow on it to make it sustainable into the future. We acknowledge networking as our best resource for sustainability and innovation.